Jean Smith


Jean has always been fascinated by human behaviour. Why do some people seem to be born with excellent social skills, whilst other people struggle? This led her to create practical, yet fun tools to enable even the shyest people to feel comfortable in social settings.

With a foundation in social science (a first degree in cultural anthropology and a masters degree in social anthropology) Jean uses anthropological methodology, with a large dose of practicality, as the basis of her teachings.

She is a sought after social anthropologist, author and international speaker. As a highly experienced and respected workshop leader and social intelligence coach, she works with brands, agencies, universities and individuals around the globe to help them become more comfortable, persuasive and successful in their interpersonal relationships. While her clients include big names such as Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, Stella Artois and Unilever, her passion for building confidence, social skills and connectivity, steers her to work with individuals, startups, trade organisations, pr companies, huge corporations and everyone in between.

In addition to contributing to (and being featured in) The Times, The Sunday Express, The Mail on Sunday, Psychologies, Marie Claire and Red among other publications, Jean has appeared on The BBC, Sky, GMTV, and Daybreak. She also gives lectures at places such as: the London Business School, The Royal Society of Medicine, The Royal institution, and is a TEDx speaker.

With unparalleled expertise, Jean has been dubbed 'The Inner Confidence Guru', 'The Body Language Expert', and is the world's only 'Flirtologist'. And - according to more than a few of her clients- an absolute miracle worker. Get to know Jean's services to see how she can use her years of academic study and hands-on, applied experience, to help you!